Pop-Up Cards

Real Estate Pop-Up Cards

Want to separate yourself from the competition?

Check out the first pop-up cards created for the real estate industry. With a wide variety of designs available, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Upgrade your direct mail to Corefact Pop-Up Cards today!

Here are four fun ways real estate professionals can share Corefact Pop-Up Cards to follow up with leads, stay engaged with clients, and build relationships with their sphere of influence for leads and referrals:

Surprise Mailers: Send Corefact Pop-Up Cards as surprise mailers to your leads, clients, and sphere of influence. Choose fun and eye-catching designs that match the occasion or season. This unexpected gesture will make recipients smile and keep you top of their minds as a thoughtful and attentive real estate professional.

Just-Because Cards: Send Pop-Up Cards to your leads, clients, and sphere of influence "just because." It could be a card featuring a funny joke or a motivational quote to brighten their day. By sending unexpected and cheerful cards, you create memorable interactions and reinforce your commitment to building genuine relationships.

Referral Appreciation: Show appreciation for referrals by sending Corefact Pop-Up Cards. When a lead or client refers someone to you, it's an opportunity to express gratitude. Send a Pop-Up Card with a special message thanking them for their trust and support. This not only strengthens your relationship with the referrer but also encourages more referrals in the future.

Event Invitations: Use Corefact Pop-Up Cards as creative and interactive event invitations. If you're hosting a client appreciation event, an open house, or a community gathering, design Pop-Up Cards that reveal event details when opened. This unique approach adds an element of surprise and excitement, making recipients more likely to attend and share the invitation with others.

Remember, the key to utilizing Corefact Pop-Up Cards in fun ways is to personalize them, be creative, and embrace the element of surprise. By leveraging these interactive cards, you'll enhance your follow-up efforts, foster client engagement, and strengthen relationships, leading to more leads, referrals, and a thriving real estate business.